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Message from Chairman

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As a Chairman of Kailash Group Nepal, I am proud to say that despite a challenging economic environment, we have continued to grow and thrive together with your support. Together, we have expanded our operations and grown from a small organization that started back in 1996 with nothing but a dream of who we are today. Since those humble beginnings, your passion and dedication have driven our expansion, allowing us to deliver excellence to our customers and communities. At Kailash Group, we believe that you, our clients, are our biggest asset. Therefore, I want to thank each and every one of you for doing our best to uphold our core values of integrity, innovation, and care for the communities we serve.

Tashi Gurung – Kailash (Chairman)

Brand Story of Kailash Group Nepal

Kailash Group Nepal Born

With 27+ Years of experience, the journey of Kailash Group Nepal started since 2001. This Group is the formation of more than 10 different companies. Under Kailash Group Nepal varieties of companies have been established which is Travel & Trekking, Marathon, Investment Offices, Heli Services Company, Hotels & Resorts in Kathmandu & Pokhara, and also owns a Bricks company in Chitwan etc.

Himalayan Kailash Travel & Tours
Travel & Tours

Explore unparalleled travel experiences with Kailash Group! Embark on unforgettable journeys, discover diverse cultures, and create lasting memories. With Kailash, your travel dreams come to life. From the majestic peaks to vibrant cityscapes, Kailash Group invites you to traverse the globe and turn your travel dreams into reality. Revel in diverse experiences that resonate with the essence of each destination.

Le Glamour Luxury Resort and Wellness Spa
le glamour
Luxury and Resort

We are here to ensure that you get the best value as you indulge in our luxurious rooms and feel the comfort of a home away from home. Immerse yourself in the lavish ambiance of our meticulously designed accommodations, where every detail has been curated to enhance your sense of well-being. We aim to exceed your expectations, providing an oasis of tranquility that goes beyond the ordinary.

Royal Penguin Boutique Hotel
Boutique and Spa

Enjoy cozy rooms, delicious dining, and soothing spa treatments at Royal Penguin Boutique Hotel & Spa. Whether you’re solo, a couple, with friends, or on a business trip, our boutique hotel and spa have you covered. Savor culinary delights at our exquisite dining establishments, where a symphony of flavors awaits your palate. From gourmet meals to delightful snacks, our culinary offerings cater to every taste, making dining a memorable part of your stay.

Trava Bricks

Welcome to a world of innovation and excellence with Bricks from Kailash Group. Our bricks redefine construction standards, offering a perfect blend of durability and aesthetic appeal. Crafted with precision and quality, our bricks are more than just building materials – they are the foundation of architectural brilliance. Elevate your construction endeavors with bricks that not only stand strong but also add a touch of sophistication to every structure.

Durbar Hotel and Residence
Hotel Service

Discover a haven of comfort in our cozy lounge, inviting you to unwind and savor moments of tranquility. Sink into plush chairs, sip on a steaming cup of tea, or lose yourself in a captivating book as the soothing ambiance envelops you in a perfect blend of luxury and leisure. On the ground floor, apart from the reception, there is a comfortable lounge where you can sit and drink tea or just read. 

Kailash Group Heli Service
Heli Service

Experience unparalleled convenience and luxury with Kailash Group's Heli Service. Soar above the ordinary and reach your destination swiftly, blending comfort and efficiency for a seamless travel experience. Our state-of-the-art helicopters redefine travel, offering a sublime fusion of opulence and speed. Glide through the skies in unparalleled comfort, as our expert pilots navigate you effortlessly to your destination.

Kailash Money Exchange
Money Exchange

Welcome to Kailash Group Money Exchange, where your currency transactions are seamlessly facilitated with trust and efficiency. Our commitment is to provide a hassle-free and secure environment for all your foreign exchange needs. Whether you are a seasoned traveler, a business professional, or embarking on an international adventure, we ensure that your currency exchange experience is both convenient and reliable.

Tesla Hardware and Suppliers
Hardware and Suppliers

Kailash Group Hardware and Supplies, your one-stop destination for premium quality tools, materials, and equipment. we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of hardware products known for their durability and performance. From power tools to construction materials, plumbing fixtures to electrical components, our diverse inventory is curated to meet the highest industry standards.



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